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Business starting and real estate object management

Business starting and real estate object management.

Today the owners of class A and B business centers are striving more and more to increasing the quality of services provided to the lessee companies. Thats why it happens more and more often that the owners attract a professional management company to solve the problems that arise in the process of building operation and maintenance. Its role consists not only in the building maintenance and operation but also in performing the functions aimed at obtaining maximum profits from the real estate objects, such as the organization of search for new lessees, support of lease agreements, payments collection, tracking the real estate market development.

The company Megadevelopment presents a full range of services on commercial property management that includes three main trends:

Property management object operating management, work with lessees, their selection, solving current problems with them.

Asset management strategic long-term management of the objects financial flows and assets.

Facility management object maintenance, management of real estate, engineering and social organization infrastructure, building space.


Operation management and maintenance:
technical operation of engineering systems and building spaces, ensuring the good working condition of the equipment and technical means of the enterprise: heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, telecommunication systems, lift service;
maintenance of boiler-room, transformer substations, electrical systems, water supply and sewerage systems;
support of fire and security alarms, video surveillance systems;
holding current repairs of engineering equipment;
dealing with accidents, breaks, equipment failures;
management of re-planning and repair work in accordance with the lessees needs.

Renting out the object and interaction with lessees:
project promotion: developing a marketing program, holding an effective advertisement campaign, PR;
search and holding negotiations with potential lessees with a view of concluding agreements;
organization of relocations;
management of relations with lessees and maintaining constant contact with them;
control over the performance of different kinds of work in accordance with the lessees requests.

cleaning premises and the adjoining territories, including the car park;
removing snow and ice in winter time;
provision of all the necessary disposable materials, tools and equipment necessary for a complex cleaning;
washing facades and windows;
disinfection and deratization;
garbage removal;
park and garden work and territory improvement.

Legal support:
elaboration of lease agreements, coordination of lease agreement conditions and its further adjustment to each particular lessee;
preparation of additional agreements, premises acceptance/transfer acts and other documents that regulate contractual relations with lessees;
preparation of a package of documents for the state registration of lease agreements; interaction with registration organs;
setting the rules of building use for lessees;
settling disputes with lessees.

Financial and accounting support:
keeping the books and tax reports of the company-owner;
keeping the books and tax reports and submitting them to the controlling organs in accordance with the current legislation;
effective distribution of profits and expenses, using the developed schemes of taxation optimization;
drawing up invoices for the payment of rent and so on under the lease agreement;
preparation of a package of documents for lessees: acts of work performance, tax invoices;
accounting of municipal services use (electricity, water supply);
collection and control of rent and other payments.

Object security:
organization of watch posts functioning;
maintenance of security alarm and the equipment that ensures video surveillance and access control;
round-the-clock reaction and elimination of consequences in case of emergency.

Regular and accessible reporting:
submitting reports to the owner company about actual expenses, cash flow, profits and expenses, the accounting balance-sheet.

Management company structure:
Managing Director;
lease department;
legal department;
construction and architecture department;
economic and engineering department;
inancial department.


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