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Office center "IRVA" stage

Radishcheva Str., 10/14 
Total area 13 825 sq m

MEGADEVELOPMENT Company completed the second stage of IRVA Office Center reconstruction of the block B. IRVA Business Center now is a high-quality object of the real estate.

Architectural concept:
Block B which has been reconstructed is an eight-story building with floor space of 12 000 sq m with 10 000 sq m is reserved for rental purposes. Open area on the floor with total surface of 1 400 sq m lets take into account all tenants desires concerning office design. Also, with the purpose of modernization of the plans and to ensure the comfortable access to all office premises, it was decided to build additional elevator shafts and an entrance.

Pane of the building is made of energy-saving light-transparent (structural glazing) and ventilated pane systems.

Engineering principles:
The building is equipped with combined extract-and-input system of ventilation with triple air renewal per hour and a smoke exhaust system which constitutes of aggregates KLM by LENOX (France). Central double-pipe system of air-conditioning chiller-fan coil with the independent temperature adjustment feature. (comfort zone 20 sq m)

Heating supply of the building is performed by means of the own gas boiler-house equipped with Vissman Vitoplex 100 (Germany) installations. Their total power is 5,72 MWt, there are two heating units.

Source of water supply is the municipal waterworks. The building is connected by means of two Ø150 mm pipelines. To improve the water supply the pumping facility is provided. It ensures the pressure of 5 atm in the cold water supply and 16 atm in the fire fighting water conduit. The building is equipped with standards of the service-utility sewerage used for waste disposal of sanitary appliances. All the pipelines of the overground standards are made of PVH pipes, and the underground pipes as well as suction section are made of all-weather PVH pipes. All pipes are soundproof.

The second category of the electricity supply is ensured by two heating units of 1000 KWa, which are connected to two independent power stations of the city equipped with ATC. Electricity to the premises of the office center is supplied from low-voltage two-unit switchboard 380/220 V, 50 Hz, 2 security category, through floor electricity panels. One-time electric loading of the internal electricity supply network for office premises is 70 Wt/m2. Vertical and horizontal wire installation is hidden in the walls. All wiring is made of triple- and five-cored cables and wires with copper core. Service and emergency lighting is made by standard 4-lamp luminescent lighters 600 600 mm with matted reflector (category I), made by Philips (Holland).

The building is equipped with the targeted fire alarm system by Sistem Sensor. It consists of switchboard, smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire detectors which are situated under the counter ceiling. To ensure visual control, all detectors have the system of indication ok/alarm.

The building is equipped with the system of intrusion protection. All the corridors have movement detectors. Switching on and off is performed from the guards panel. The office center is equipped with the digital video surveillance system which comprises all public places and the perimeter of the building.

Infrastructure of the office center is represented by fast-food restaurant Eurokhata, a bank department "Diamant Bank", beauty salon, car wash as well as an equipped conference-hall for 30.

There are five phone operators in the building. The tenant is provided with one phone line for each 30 sq m and every 10 sq m are equipped with a socket.


11.12.2008 .

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